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Ship Provisioning

Published in Ship Provisioning · 15 April 2020

Ship Chandlers

We offer a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions, including fresh and frozen meat and seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, canned foods, soft drinks, cakes and biscuits. There is also a huge range or Spanish, Italian, Indian, Oriental foods staples to meet the preferences of international guests and crew members.

We are proud to offer an extensive list of local products, with knowledge of local markets, we provide supplies of every kind to all type of vessels:

        • Ship Supply
        • Marine Spare Parts
        • Chemicals
        • Duty Frees
        • Medicines
        • Bonded Stores
        • Consumables
        • Cleaning
        • Cabin Stores

Provisions were correctly supplied to all kind of ships: commercial vessels, yachts, merchants vessels, cruise, offshore, navy, fishing, dry docking repairs on time, anytime, anywhere.
Offshore projects are located ever more difficult environments to acces, discover our comprehensive range of marine ship supplies services. We can safely deliver where our customers need us, with short notice we can provide offshore provisioning on a range more than 60 nautical miles. We know that some works must be keep running, keeps you sailing.

      • Offshore services
      • Port ship services
      • Receipt of owner goods
      • Competitive pricing
      • Consistent
      • Transparent
      • Quality service
      • Picking and dispatch products
      • Storage

We offer a large variety of local products for high quality menus

                    • Pork                                   Poultry                                      Veal  
                    • Beef                                   Kobe                                         Halal lamb
                    • Lamb 6kg to 9kg               Tenderloin                                 Chicken
                    • Clams                                Mussels                                     Cockles
                    • Crab                                   Lobster                                     Shrimp        
                    • Octopus                             Oysters                                     Prawns
                    • Scallops                             Squids                                      Buey
                    • Spider Crab                        Flat lobster                              Razor clams
                    • Bonito                                John Dory                                 Barnacles
                    • Monkfish                            White Sea Breams                    Cuttle fish
                    • Turbot                                Smoked Salmon                       Smoked trout

                  • Salmon                                  Sea bass                                      Tuna
                  • Grouper                                 Hake                                            Codfish
                  • Sole                                       Herring                                        Mackerel
                  • Pollack                                   Sardines                                      Trout
                  • Swordfish                               Ray                                              Anchovies
                  • Aubergine                              Garlic                                           Chires
                  • Celery                                     Soya                                            Beet greens
                  • Broccoli                                  Lettuce heart                              Pumpink
                  • Zucchini                                 Mini zucchini                               Carrots
                  • Artichoques                           Potatoes                                       Peppers
                  • Beans                                     Onions                                         Baby onions
                  • Chives                                    Cucumber                                    Cabbage
                  • Red cabbage                          Green cabbage                             Cauliflower
                  • Frisée                                     Oak Leaf lettuce                           Butterhead lettuce
                  • Iceberg lettuce                       Cos lettuce                                   Rosso

                  • Muschrooms                                  White beans                                      Lentils
                  • Chickpeas                                      Asparragus                                        Spinach
                  • Beans                                             Black beans                                      Red-Kidney beans
                  • Sweet potato                                 Turnip                                               Peas
                  • Leek                                               Radish                                              Beetroot
                  • Tomatores                                      Apricots                                           Melon
                  • Water melon                                  Avocado                                           Grapefruit
                  • Cherries                                         Grapes                                              Clementine
                  • Coconot                                         Strawberries                                      Pear
                  • Apples                                           Lemons                                              Peaches
                  • Plumps                                          Oranges                                             Raspberries
                  • Red currant                                    Woodland berries                              Pineapple
                  • Bananas                                         Kiwi                                                   Lychee
                  • Pomegranate                                 Mango                                                Mandarine
                  • Maracuja                                        Cantaloup                                           Blackberries
                  • Bilberries                                        Papaya                                               Rambutan      

                • Almonds                                  Chashew nuts                                      Rice
                • Hazelnuts                                Raisins                                                 Chestnuts
                • Dates                                       Black figs                                             Dried figs
                • Walnuts                                   Honey                                                  Salt
                • Sugar                                       Pistachios                                            Ice cream
                • Chocolate                                Mint                                                     Basel
                • Eggs                                        Vanilla                                                  Jamon 100% Iberico Bellota
                • Jamon COVAP                          Jamon Joselito                                     Jamon Jabugo
                • Chorizo Iberico                       Saucisson Iberico                                 Longaniza
                • Fuet                                        Brie                                                      Cabrales Cheese
                • Camambert                             Chedar                                                 Emmental
                • Blue Cheese                            Edam Cheese                                       Burgos Cheese
                • Goat´s milk Cheese                 Cream Cheese                                      Gorgonzola
                • Mozzarella                              Gouda                                                   Gruyère
                • Parmesan                                Manchego Cheese                                Ibiza Cheese

                • Olive Oil                                  Flavoured oil                                      Sunflower Oil
                • Sedame Oil                              Spiced Oil                                          Cream
                • Vinegar                                    Oregano                                             Basil
                • Paprika                                     Pepper                                               White pepper
                • Celery pepper                           Black pepper                                     Green pepper
                • Cayenne pepper                       Sturgeon Caviar                                 Beluga Caviar
                • Oscietra Caviar                         Sevruga Caviar                                   Salmon Caviar
                • Trout Caviar                              Red Salmon Cavier                             Keta Caviar
                • Black Truffle                             White Truffle                                       Black Truffle pate
                • Foie Grass                                 Herb Pâté                                           Pepper Pâté
                • Duck Pâté                                  Goose Pâté                                         Pork Pâté

                • Evian Water                                  Perrier Water                                      Coca-cola
                • Pepsi-cola                                     Schweppes                                        Ginger ale
                • Orange juice                                 Apple juice                                         Milk
                • Cream                                           Peach juice                                         Grape juice
                • Fresh Orange juice                       Grenadine                                           Beer

Wines and Spirits

A unique family of great wines in the world are available. Specia wines with exceptional terroirs as the essence of their utmost expression.
                                     Type                                          Country and Regions                                 Origin
              • Sparkling wine                                  Spain                                             D.O.Ribera del Duero
              • White wine                                        France                                           D.O La Rioja
              • Rose Wine                                          Italia                                             D.O Rias Baixas
              • Red Wine                                            Chile                                             D.O Rueda
              • Generous sweet wine                         Nueva Zelanda                              D.O Penedés

The best in distilled spirits,cocktails with wonderful softness:

            • Vodka
            • Whisky
            • Rum
            • Gin
            • Cognac
            • Tequila
            • Mezcal
            • Vermouth
            • Tonic

Spare parts

          • Diesel Engine                             Engine accessories                                 Cabin Equipment
          • Marine Gensets                          EVC accessories                                      Deck fittings and Hardware
          • Gasoline Engines                       Propellers                                               Water supply
          • Drives & Transmissions             Maintenance parts                                  Drive train
          • Accessories and Chemicals        QL boat accessories                                Eletrical
          • Industrial Engines                      Anodes                                                    Essentials and Tools
          • Enhaust                                      Fittings and Valves                                 Fuel System
          • Galley Equipment                       Gauges                                                   Hoses
          • Lighting                                      Pumps                                                    Soundproofing
          • Steering and Controls                 Ventilation                                             Ropes and Winch

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